So we have finished the film. Now what? Trying to rise above the noise of the marketplace and distribute this film is a full-time effort that requires a village made up of both the Small Angst Films and the First Run Features teams. Your donation will help cover costs to:

– Develop and execute panel discussions after screenings
– Travel to select screenings (where panel discussions take place)
– Market international sales and screenings
– Manage of One Cut, One Life website and social media platforms
– Hire an Outreach coordinator and assistant to build and reach targeted audiences for the theatrical and educational markets, including: End of Life/Quality of Life, Cinema Studies, Oncology/Trauma/Loss, Women’s Studies/Domestic Violence, Artist Expression/Collaboration.

Donate now and add your name to our growing list of donors. Thank you!

Denise Widman, Goldie Eder, Joanne Eggert Small, Ken Schulman, Kaj Wilson, Rhea Becker, Ben Dewey, Margaret Young, Barbara Norfleet, Judy Lappin